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    • 19 Apr 2023
    • (PDT)
    • 20 Dec 2023
    • (PST)
    • 9 sessions
    • Zoom upon registration

    The Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Caucus of DRUUMM hosts a monthly virtual coffee hour for community and discussion every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5pm to 6:30pm Pacific/8pm to 9:30pm Eastern.

    Hosted by the AANHPI Steering Committee. Register here to receive the zoom information.

    • 06 Sep 2023
    • 01 May 2024
    • 9 sessions
    • Zoom

    Join us for our monthly DRUUMM Peer Network Meetings held on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

    These gatherings are an opportunity to connect, learn, and support one another as we navigate the experiences of organizing, facilitating and coordinating local BIPOC UU groups.
    Our intentions are:

    1. Connection and Community: The DRUUMM Peer Network serves as a platform for organizers to connect and build a sense of community. It provides a space where participants can find support, understanding, and solidarity from peers who share similar experiences and challenges.

    2. Peer Support and Resource Sharing: The network facilitates peer support by offering opportunities for members to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. It serves as a platform for organizers to seek guidance, advice, and insights from others who have navigated similar paths. Participants can also share resources, best practices, and tools that have been helpful in their faith leadership journeys.

    3. Professional Development and Growth: The Peer Network meetings provide a space for professional development and growth among DRUUMM organizers. Through discussions, workshops, and presentations, members can learn from one another, enhance their skills, and explore new opportunities within the UU context.

    4. Collaboration and Partnership: The network fosters collaboration and partnership among its participants. It encourages organizers to form alliances, work together on common goals or projects, and leverage their collective strengths and expertise to create positive change within Unitarian Universalism.

    5. Amplifying Voices and Advocacy: The Peer Network serves as a platform to amplify the voices of BIPOC UUs and inform the DRUUMM Steering Committee and staff of their needs, concerns, and aspirations within the broader UU community. It empowers individuals to share their perspectives, challenge systemic barriers, and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable Unitarian Universalism.

    • 01 Oct 2023
    • 9:15 AM
    • LiveStreamed:

    Join us Sunday, Oct 1st online:

    TIME: 9:15AM Eastern & 11:30 AM Eastern

    Rev. Verdis LeVar Robinson

    Our QUUeer Ancestors

    With the rising anti-queer/anti-trans actions and legislation, can we "find hope in our history?" Join us, as Rev. Verdis LeVar Robinson, First Unitarian Church of Rochester's new Minister for Growth explores UU's Queer Ancestry.

    Rev. Verdis LeVar Robinson is a newly fellowshipped UU minister and recent graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School. He currently serves as Minister for Growth at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York.

    • 02 Oct 2023
    • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Zoom link provided upon registration

    Curious about DRUUMM and interested in getting to know fellow members? Join us for our New Member Orientation. This is a great way to get meet other members, learn about DRUUMM's programs and events, and make connections.

    We come together to build our beloved community from around the world. We are united in our vision of healing from oppression, self-determination, and the anti-racist, anti-oppressive transformation of Unitarian Universalism. Generally, 8-15 members participate.

    • 25 Oct 2023
    • 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Zoom link provided upon registration

    DRUUMM members are invited to a unique and sacred gathering with Taquiena Boston who will be sharing her spiritual odyssey. We believe in the power of sharing, passing down wisdom, and connecting our generations. Join us for an intimate, BIPOC-only evening as we form a circle to hold and witness the stories of one of our elders. This program uplifts our value of history:

    Consciousness of History: By keeping the written and oral histories of People of Color within UUism we are making sure that history can be accessible and helpful to new and old members. Recognizing our place in the larger stream of history and our role as history makers, we develop individual and collective investment in our storytelling. We thank and honor our elders and ancestors, passing on our legacy and lessons to future generations. - DRUUMM Values

    We are a community rich with stories of awe and stories of struggle. Experiences that have shaped and sharpened our beliefs and how we live in the world. In building on our values, including our value of being conscious of history, we are offering a new series of member events featuring an elder in our community who has graciously agreed to share their journey of faith as a Black, Indigenous and/or Person of Color in Unitarian Universalism.

    • 04 Nov 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Zoom link will be provided upon registration

    We extend a warm invitation to all members of DRUUMM and BIPOC friends to join our Fall Caucus, which will center on Multiracial and Families of Color within the Unitarian Universalist community. This gathering offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, fostering an environment of exploration, active listening, and integration of new insights into our individual and collective spiritual and religious journeys.

    We are committed to deepening our grounding as Unitarian Universalists, and affirming our diverse and complex family systems that we come from. Our caucus will open with a panel of Religious Professionals of Color sharing their insights and experiences. Participants will have time to meet in small groups for deeper discussions, connections and learning with one another. Together, we'll reflect on the opportunities and challenges faced by multiracial families and families of color within Unitarian Universalism. We hope that these discussions will serve as a foundation to inform future DRUUMM programs and advocacy efforts, ensuring that our community is continually evolving and becoming more inclusive.

    This caucus is exclusively for DRUUMM Members and will be conducted virtually via Zoom. We kindly request registration by October 31st, 2023. For those who identify as White and wish to engage, we encourage you to explore UU Allies for Racial Equity, who will be hosting parallel programs. You can find registration information at

    Contact: Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons

    • 12 Nov 2023
    • 11:00 AM (PST)
    • Zoom:

    Join us Sunday, Nov. 12 online:

    TIME: 11:00 AM Pacific

    First Unitarian Church of San Jose

    Rev. Xolani Kacela

    Xolani Kacela serves as Interim Senior Minister for First Unitarian in San Jose. He is also a military chaplain and author of the Black UU Survival Guide.

    • 06 Dec 2023
    • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Zoom
    What happens when history telling begins with the here and now? What happens when Unitarian Universalist history begins with honoring the full legitimacy of the many communities across planet Earth who claim the name “Unitarian” or “Universalist” or “Unitarian Universalist”? 

    Let’s share stories of how we claim our belonging in the UU movement, and explore different frameworks for telling the story of our collective belonging. How might a meta-modern “Everything Everywhere All At Once” approach to telling the story of UUs change how we understand the UU movement and ourselves in it?

    The Rev. Dr. Catherine Mie Ishida is a UU minister, and a longtime practitioner of Zen Buddhism. She didn’t grow up in either tradition, so it was a surprise to discover that both were part of her ancestral heritage. She has lived in Tokyo, New York, London, and a few other places, and continues to grow up in Hilo, Hawaiʻi.

Past events

22 Sep 2023 New Orleans Gathering with DRUUMM SC
19 Sep 2023 Getting Free Together: A Celebration of Love and Ancestors
17 Sep 2023 Worship Together with Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti
23 Aug 2023 Installation Ceremony of the DRUUMMM Steering Committee 2023
22 Aug 2023 We Count What Matters Orientations Aug 22, 28 or 30
24 Jun 2023 DRUUMM Annual Meeting (virtual RSVP)
21 Jun 2023 DRUUMM Village at GA Pittsburgh
23 May 2023 DRUUMM Spring Caucus: UUA Presidential Forum
11 May 2023 DRUUMM Public Worship
26 Apr 2023 New Member Orientation
19 Apr 2023 Vigil of Remembrance
04 Apr 2023 SF Bay April 4 Gathering
31 Mar 2023 DRUUMM Texas Retreat
26 Mar 2023 Chicago March 26 Gathering
18 Mar 2023 Los Angeles March 18 Gathering
17 Mar 2023 Jubilee Anti-Racism Workshop for People of Color
16 Feb 2023 New Member Orientation
16 Feb 2023 Member Forum w Steering Committee
14 Dec 2022 UU Theology: Class Followup Session
07 Dec 2022 Member Orientation
12 Nov 2022 Atlanta BIPOC Community MeetUp
26 Oct 2022 A 2-part BIPOC Series in Theology by Rev. Xolani Kacela: Thinking Theologically and Beyond Theological Basics
13 Oct 2022 New Member Orientation
01 Oct 2022 DRUUMM Fall Caucus: Spiritual & Religious Journeys
15 Sep 2022 Installation Ceremony of the DRUUMMM Steering Committee 2023
22 Jun 2022 GA 2022: DRUUMM Programs
30 Apr 2022 DRUUMM Cultural Caucusing: The Circle of Continuing Life
16 Apr 2022 DRUUMM Peer Network for April 19, 2022
14 Apr 2022 UU Principles DRUUMM Listening Session
01 Apr 2022 DRUUMM Gathering in San Antonio - April 1-3, 2022
29 Mar 2022 Spiritual Odyssey with Rev. Mel Hoover
15 Mar 2022 DRUUMM Peer Network for March and April
06 Mar 2022 Watch Party: Dr. Leon Spencer Spiritual Odyssey
15 Feb 2022 DRUUMM Peer Network Welcomes Rev. Mel Hoover
30 Jan 2022 DC-Maryland-Virginia Gathering
15 Jan 2022 SF Bay Gathering - "Resilience in Belonging"
05 Jan 2022 Spiritual Odyssey with Leon Spencer
19 Dec 2021 Remembrances for Mathew P. Taylor
18 Dec 2021 African Descent Caucus of DRUUMM
17 Nov 2021 Diversity of Tactics and Care: Community Organizing and Sustainability
16 Oct 2021 Latinx Caucus of DRUUMM
13 Oct 2021 Pacific Cluster Gathering - 2nd Wednesdays
10 Oct 2021 Member Orientation - Oct 2021
04 Oct 2021 Remembering Our Divine Self
30 Sep 2021 Spiritual Odyssey with Michelle Bentley
18 Sep 2021 DRUUMM Regional Caucuses
09 Sep 2021 Member Orientation - Sept 2021
04 Sep 2021 Celebration of Life for Rev. Dr. HOPE Johnson
02 Sep 2021 Indigeneous/Native Caucus of DRUUMM
17 Aug 2021 BIPOC Models of Ministry with Rev. Jen Simon
11 Aug 2021 Member Orientation - Aug 2021
02 Aug 2021 Installation Ceremony of the DRUUMMM Steering Committee
06 Jul 2021 Member Orientaion - July 2021
25 Jun 2014 General Assembly 2014 June 25-29, Providence, RI
14 Mar 2014 People of Color Regional Gathering
17 Jan 2014 DRUUMM/ARE 2014 Conference at First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, CA
22 Sep 2013 Ordination of Maria Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa
06 Oct 2012 UU Living Legacy Civil Rights Pilgrimage
05 Apr 2012 Multicultural Leadership School for Youth and Young Adults
22 Jun 2011 Join Us at General Assembly!!!
25 Feb 2011 East Coast UU POC Gathering at Penn Center
14 Jan 2011 West Coast Gathering for Renewal and Hope
29 Jul 2010 Protest Against Arizona SB 1070
26 Jun 2010 People of Color/Latina/o/Hispanic Worship Too!
25 Jun 2010 DRUUMM Annual Membership Meeting
25 Jun 2010 General Assembly Worshop #3053 Self Identity Who Am I?
24 Jun 2010 Worship for People of Color/Latina/o/Hispanic
24 Jun 2010 #2052 Creating A Multicultural Future: the Question of Governance
19 Mar 2010 DRUUMM West Coast Regional Gathering
28 Jun 2009 GA 2009 DRUUMM Annual Meeting
24 Jun 2009 GA 2009
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