DRUUMM Fall Caucus: Spiritual & Religious Journeys

  • 01 Oct 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (PDT)
  • Zoom


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We invite DRUUMM members and interested BIPOC friends to participate in our Fall Caucus. This is an opportunity to connect with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Unitarian Universalism and explore, listen, and integrate new understandings of our individual and collective spiritual and religious journeys. We will caucus on the question “Tell me about you and your god, gods, or not g*d'' and in small groups organized as much as possible by the more particular religious identity you claim. Why are you UU? What is the culture and place of your personal faith journey? 

Our Unitarian Universalist community is increasingly a multifaith space, emerging out of liberal christian traditions predominantly but not exclusively in Western contexts. In this dynamic and changing context, we each come from unique religious roots and lived experiences. Our members have expressed a desire to deepen our grounding as Unitarian Universalists. We know each of us has a unique complexity, from our birth faith to our aspiring and living practice. We have shared interests in authentically living a lifelong UU journey, with some meaningfully sustaining a multireligious spiritual life, and/or seeking refuge and a new religious home from upbringings that we have left behind.

Our time together will include an opening in-gathering with a panel of Ministers of Color engaging in the caucus question followed by small groups of 3-5 people where you will self-select a facilitator, notetaker, and vibes/time observer. We will close with the purpose of notetakers sharing back and integrating our discussions as a whole. Join us for this sacred work that makes brave and safe space for the spirit and shapes our UU faith.

This is a BIPOC-only event and will be held virtually via Zoom. Please register by September 28th, 2022. Interested people who self-identify as White are invited to engage with UU Allies for Racial Equity who host parallel programs, see www.uuare.org for registration information.

Contact: Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons jsantoslyons@uuma.org

RSVP here: https://tinyurl.com/druumm-oct1